Classic Velcro Training Gloves
Classic Velcro Training Gloves
Classic Velcro Training Gloves
Classic Velcro Training Gloves
Classic Velcro Training Gloves

Classic training gloves

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Crafted from premium synthetic leather, our classic training gloves prioritize protection and durability. The inclusion of IMF Foam ensures knuckle pain prevention, while the secure wrist strap provides maximum support. The mesh in the palm area enhances breathability for added comfort during workouts. If you're seeking an affordable and long-lasting glove, this is the ideal choice for you

  • TK IMF x2 layer foam absorbs impacts and allows you to train harder without pain.
  • Mesh palms allow your hands to breathe and keeping your gloves smelling fresh.
  • TK inner construction part stabilizes your hands and wrists for a truly secure and comfortable fit.
  • TK wrist protection with hook-and-loop closure for optimum comfort and protection.
  • Designed in Los Angeles, CA


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why tk?


We're on a mission to end average and push our members to their maximum potential. It would be an honor to have you be part of this team and help you reach new heights either through our products or our one-on-one help.


Everything leads back to quality... When you push yourself to the limits, you'll need equipment that can withstand the pressure, while stabilizing your hands and protecting you from injuries.


10+ years of pro-boxing experience meets innovation to raise the standards of boxing equipment. Our gloves are used daily by real pro-fighters and intermediate trainees who are seeking for the unfair advantage against their competition.


Elite boxing equipment created by pro-boxing people to help you elevate your training. Daily used by fighters, intermediates, and beginners.

take 'em with you.

The perfect sack to carry your gloves around with you wherever you go. Every pair of gloves arrives with one backpack.